May 12 is RT Day + BookHooks #BlogHop #freepromo #MFRWhooks #rtday


Book Hooks is every Wednesday. RT (Retweet) Day is the 2nd Wednesday each month. When they fall on the same day, it's a great opportunity for extra promotion.

If you create a book hooks post and use the hashtags #MFRWhooks plus #MFRWauthor or #MFRWorg in the title, you can take part in both book hooks and RT day with one post. It will get you twice as much mileage.


Book Hooks is an MFRW sponsored blog hop held every Wednesday.

Here's what to do for Book Hooks (#MFRWhooks)

A - write a blog post (a short hook from a book is perfect, but it can be about anything)

B - go to this link and get instructions and code


C - Schedule so it is live on the night before (late) or the day of the event (very early).

D - Use the hashtag #MFRWhooks in the subject of your actual post on your website, but do not include hashtags in the sign up title when entering the data on MFRW's website. Hashtags should only exist on your site, not ours.


On Wednesday, go visit the other posts, comment and share on social media.

The more authors who take part, the more promotion each will get. Please come out and share.


Here's what to do for Retweet Day (#MFRWorg or #MFRWauthor)

A - write a tweet (if you did book hooks, you can base it on that post and use that URL in the tweet)

B - click the white area of the tweet to open it in its own window. Highlight the URL and do control +C (or command +C on Mac) to copy the URL.

C - Go to the post below and paste the URL in the comments. Then share everyone else's by clicking their links. Wait till Wednesday to share. You can highlight the URL and then right click to open in a new window. That takes you right to Twitter.


Remember: RETWEET. Don't copy the tweet and resend it. Twitter will think you're using an automated system and lock your account. That happened to a member once and it took a few days to get it back.

You can retweet with no problem whatsoever.



Here's an example tweet by one of our members

When you click the link in her tweet, it goes to her blog post.

USE THIS LOGO on your post (optional but appreciated):

If you don't blog but want to support fellow authors, come out and click the links and retweet! It's fun to share and gives members a real boost in views online. You can find and follow fellow members this way or click on the hashtags to find them.


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