April MFRW Magazine

Rochelle Weber

I just uploaded the April issue of the MFRW Magazine to Joomag.  It takes 24 hours for them to clear each submission and upload it to their news stand, so it should be available around 3 p.m. Chicago time tomorrow.

The deadline for the Mau, issue is Thursday, April 15. You can get the submission form you need to fill out at:

As always, thank you to my staff for their hard work!

Here's the link for this issue:

Many Thanks,
Rochelle & Staff, MFRW Magazine
Barbara Bradley, Michelle Davis, and Ana Morgan

Rochelle Weber

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Tracey Cramer-Kelly

I'm REALLY liking the PDF version, Rochelle!
The joomag one was always hard to read.
Many thanks!

Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Heroes with a Touch of Vulnerability