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Rochelle Weber

The deadline for the February issue of the MFRW Magazine is Friday, the fifteenth (15th)--for regular book submissions, articles, and advertising.  You do not have to be a member of the io group to submit an article or to advertise with us, although members get first priority in terms of space and they get price discounts on ad rates.  Ads must be paid for before you send the artwork to me.  The PayPal address is: sempervians @gmail .com (no spaces).  As soon as I hear from Kayelle Allen that you have paid for your ad, I will request your artwork.  You can start the process by getting the Advertising Submission form from You can advertise your backlist.

This month, we're accepting books released in December 2020, January, & February 2021 for regular submissions.

We also accept announcements of your upcoming appearances and book signings. Send your emails to mfrwstaff+owner @ groups .io (no spaces).

When you submit your book to the Magazine, please check that you are a member of the io group and provide the e-mail address under which you joined.  We do verify membership. And if you do not completely fill in the indemnity clause, we cannot feature your book. That includes every author involved in boxed sets and anthologies. If not all authors choose to participate, we will feature the books/stories of those who do sign the form.

If your book is already in the Magazine, it will run for a total of three months and you do not have to re-submit.  If you did not have any reviews before but now you do, please shoot me an e-mail with the heading "Magazine-New Review and the Genre, Release Date, and Title of your book so I can find it and plug in the new review.  You can either include the review quote and URL in the body of the e-mail or as an rtf file.

Here's the URL for all of the forms:

Send all e-mails regarding the Magazine to the Staff Owners' e-mail address.  mfrwstaff+owner @ groups .io (no spaces).

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Rochelle & Staff, MFRW Magazine
Barbara Bradley, Michelle Davis, and Anne Morgan

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