Mother's Day Promo for KU #freepromo #MFRWtogether #storyorigin

Iris Blobel

Hi everyone - I also created a promo for books enrolled in KU in Storyorigin. 
Here's the link:

Cheers ... and happy easter everyone ♥♥
Iris Blobel

L.A. Remenicy

I think I got everything in there correctly - first time working with Story Origin! Thanks for putting this together!


I tried to sign up, but although my newsletter goes out every two weeks, for some reason SO says I can't attach the promo to any. The error says my newsletter dates are outside the timeframe. I checked my dates, and mine go out May 9th (the day before) and May 23rd (a few days after). It currently covers only one weekend, and that is opposite of my newsletter release dates for the month.
It's possible others may have the same issue. A longer period might work better. If you can include 2 weekends it might get more people.

Kayelle Allen
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