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D.V. Stone

Hi Fiona

I do have some steamy books on my blog. I  do post a rating right next to the book description.  So as long as the cover, blurb and excerpt are pg and the steamy not erotica and M/F we should be ok.
Looking forward to sharing a Campfire 

On Tue, May 4, 2021, 4:07 PM Fiona McGier <fiona.mcgier@...> wrote:
Hi Donna, I've been camping with my husband and our kids for almost 40 years. Lots of fun stories. We even invented a season, "S'mores season", which we'll be opening this weekend for the 2021 year of camping. The first and last camping trip I used to buy bags of marshmallows and chocolate bars and graham crackers, and there was no limit on the number the kids could eat. I think the record was 15 when our boys were teenagers and competitive about everything! And S'morgon is the "god" of all things S'mores. My daughter once took a picture of our campfire and there appears to be a face in the smoke--it had the kids giggling for years about our visit from the god of s'mores.

But I don't write "closed door" romance. I write romance with a very open door. Would my post be allowed or not? Obviously I understand that the post itself could only have an excerpt that was PG, but do you think your readers would enjoy my books? Or should I take a pass?


On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 7:36 AM D.V. Stone <> wrote:
Hi everyone

I have new blog signups for Peek Through the Window and Welcome to the Campfire. Please read the descriptions and make sure you're a good fit. Even if you don't camp I've expanded the blog to include favorite Adventure or Vacation.

I'm multi-genre in contemporary, mid-grade, and fantasy, Romantic Suspense, etc... so don't worry about strict romance. 

Rule #1 since I write "sweet" "clean" or whatever you want to call it, the post must be G or PG 

I'd love to see some new folks as well as past visitors. If you sign up for both please don't put the dates too close together.

I look forward to 👀
or 🏕🔥 with you



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