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Judythe Morgan

Late to the party. Wild weather over the weekend then more today. My answers before we lose electricity AGAIN.


  1. Writing is a gift and a skill. If you choose to use that gift or skill as a ghostwriter, money can be made. It’s a personal decision. But advertising openly on our loop and FB just doesn’t feel right.
  2. I definitely would like to see a file on the FB page for services offered, but only IF it’s only available to FB page members. And, that could include all skill sets including ghostwriting.


Hope everyone is having a better week than mine. =)




Judythe Morgan



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Subject: [Special] [mfrwio] Opinion please - ghostwriters


The MFRW Facebook group has had a couple people post offers to ghostwrite. Thanks to the diligence of Emerald, our main Facebook monitor, the posts are being held for moderation. Other services are offered on the group, so it isn't as if we never allow anything to be shared that is an offer of service. But what is your opinion about ghostwriting in general being offered?

My questions:
1. Do we allow offers for ghostwriting on the group? If we don't, why not? Are we being snobs about writing everything ourselves and think everyone else should too?
2. Should we add a document in the files that lists services? (a one-stop document for who offers what). Members could edit and add their info. It would give us a place to see who does things we need (like a PA, Facebook ads, editing, etc.).

Feel free to respond here. I think this is something the group should discuss, which is why I'm sharing it.

Thank you for your willingness to share ideas and thoughts.

Kayelle Allen
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