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Fiona McGier

My God, girl! All God's chilluns be busy, but YOU more than most! I didn't start writing seriously until all 4 of mine were in school. Working 2 jobs, I didn't have the time. How you can write with such little ones in the house, I have no idea! Good for you--you must be extremely organized--or young enough to be able to do without much sleep.

And I know you're young because I have no idea how Tik-Tok works, and little desire to learn. New technologies baffle me, and social media just sucks my time away that I want to use for writing.

To each their own. May we all find our readers, no matter how we connect!

(she, her)

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 9:48 PM Victoria Jayne <AuthorVictoriaJayne@...> wrote:
I work full time Mon-Fri 9a-5p
I run 2 Discord servers
I'm extremely active on a 3rd
I have my trilogy published
I just signed a contract with a small publisher at the end of March with edits to start at the end of June (They are turning my one manuscript into 2 books)
I just submitted the second manuscript to them for consideration
I am editing the 3rd manuscript
I have to re-write the 4th; I have the 5th plotted
I have the prequel to another series written that I hope to use as a reader magnet
the other series is semi plotted - it will be another paranormal romance trilogy though
I'm trying to help my friend start a publishing company
I'm also trying to organize a book signing in New Orleans for 2022

I send my newsletter out weekly
I do 6-12 tiktoks a day - so far my best marketing tool ever
I just dipped my toe back into Amazon marketing and just won an appeal with Amazon over my book cover being too racy to run ads. it's not and I'm running them

I'm married and have two children ages 4 and 2 /

Thank you,

Victoria Jayne


Thank you,

Victoria Jayne
Author of The Prophecy Trilogy


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