Re: StoryOrigin: What do you get for $100/year

Carly Carson

I haven't put a lot of work into Story Origin, but here is my limited experience.

I signed up on another author's March promo to get reviews. I liked the fact that when someone requested my (free) book to review, I could see details on them and agree to give them the book or not. This way, I saw that of the half dozen or so who requested the book, only 2 had actually ever reviewed anyone's book. I didn't accept those with no history of reviewing.

I did accept the 2 reviewers, and one of them actually reviewed the book. Getting one review was pretty underwhelming to me and I decided not to pay for the service.

I'm not saying it's a bad service. I like some aspects of it, but I didn't have enough time to really experiment before committing money. 

Carly Carson

 I was over at StoryOrigin downloading a review book, and started getting
a hard sell from the website.

So those of you who use the paying version of the platform - what
exactly do you get for $100/year? Do you feel that it's worth it?



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