Has anyone heard of Inkers con? Or has anyone taken this course?

Nadia Braeckel

Hey everyone, 

I watched a class by Alessandre Torre who is a successful author, and she has a $50 dollar discount to take the courses on Inkers con. The modules  go over marketing such as opening the bestseller vault, branding yourself and your novels, selling books on instagram, banking on your backlist, domination social media marketing. mailing list masterclass, etc. 

She swears by this class and normally it's $250 but I have until tonight to decide if I want to take this course or not with the discount. So I was wondering if any of you have taken it or even heard of it?

It looks like a great investment, but I wanted to ask you guys before I made my final decision.

P.S. If anyone is interested I can forward you the link to get the discount, just let me know.

-Nadia L. Braeckel

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