Re: Is this something new with Triberr?


You can have 100 items in your queue at any one time. I suspect your posts are going out at a slow rate (possibly you set it to be every few hours, or something similar). Once you reach 100, you're out again. Take a look at your queue, and if necessary to restart fresh, clear the queue. I think there's a button for it. Has been years since I had this issue, but that was how I fixed it. 
Then check your settings for how often you share. If you have over an hour, that's likely your culprit.
The other possibility is if you share to Twitter at one rate and Facebook at another (or some other site), until both go thru, that item is still in your queue. I had once set Facebook to share once a day and Twitter once an hour. I was overlimit in about 2 days. For that, you can change the time limit on social media to match all sites, and you should be good.
If none of that works, email support@... for help.


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