Need advice about newsletters #HelpNeeded

Seelie Kay


For a very long time, I have avoided creating a newsletter because I am still doing paid work and simply don't have the time. However, with the pandemic, things have slowed down so I am considering launching one. If you produce a newsletter, I would appreciate your input on the following:

1.  How often do you publish your newsletter? Is it scheduled (monthly, quarterly, etc,), random, or around book releases?
2.  What is the length of your newsletter (pages/words)?
3.  How much time do you devote per month to your newsletter? Do you use some sort of service or a PA to produce it?
4.  What do you put into your newsletter?  (Book information? Personal stuff?)
5.  How do you publish your newsletter? Do you have a service or do you publish it independently?
6.  Have you experienced an increase in sales by producing a newsletter? How have you established that? (I am looking for demonstrated ROI.)
7.  How have you developed your mailing list?
8.  How do you know people are reading your newsletter?
9.  What are the out-of-pocket expenses involved in a newsletter?
10  What are the positives and/or negatives of producing a newsletter? Is it worth it?

Please feel free to respond here or privately to seeliekay@....



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