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I had a glitch that caused new subscribers from StoryOrigin to go into an unconfirmed status on Mailerlite. It wasn't their fault -- I had set up something wrong. I didn't realize it until there were over 500 names in there. >_< So, now I have fixed it, I will have to personally send invitations to them if I want them to stay.
Per Mailerlite requirements, I can't use their service to do so -- because they aren't confirmed.
If I use my author email (which is run through Gsuite as a gmail account), that many emails going out could result in my own account being flagged. It might also trigger spam warnings in the ones I send.
So I'm thinking the best solution would be to use a different email program and send the notes from there, with a link that would let them re-confirm on Mailerlite.
It could be handy to keep something like this around in case this kind of glitch ever happens again, so I'm not sure I'd go with a free trial. Maybe, if that turned out to be the best option.
I'm considering Sendfox, but would like some feedback from those who use it. I'm open to other suggestions also.
Any advice appreciated.


Kayelle Allen
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