If you've joined in the last two weeks, please feel free to post an intro. You can tell us about yourself, your books, give us your links, and let us know if you're looking for blog opportunities, want to offer one, give or offer interviews, or what-have-you.
Since we don't promo here, this is your one chance to jump in and toot your horn.
You are welcome to ask for and offer promotional opportunities.
Because this is a public space, do not share your phone number or address in messages.
Your email will not be shown. If you need to share it in a message, add spaces. (ex: name @ email. com)
The basic rule for MFRW IO: Write business-only posts, not promotional.
  • The Marketing for Romance Writers IO Group is not to be used for solicitation and/or distribution of non-MFRW material or information.
  • Personal promotion is not allowed on MFRW. Do not announce book releases.
  • The membership list may not be used to increase membership, followers, or likes on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media or websites, including "following parties" where members like each others posts or social media, or asking for upvotes on contests, etc.
  • This list may not be used to recruit newsletter subscribers, or to complete surveys.
  • You may not ask for support on Thunderclap, Headtalker, or other such campaigns, or for any type of fundraiser.

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Come in -- make yourself comfortable. Questions are always welcome here. 
~Kayelle Allen, founder

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